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The Plight of Pit Bulls
The Plight of Pit Bulls
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When Pit Bull puppies are born... They don't dream of growing up to be trained to fight, they don't dream of being over bred  or inter-bred until their health fails, they don't
dream of living their lives on the end of chain or crammed into an undersized kennel.
Pit Bulls don't dream of being starved or having their medical needs neglected, or being abused and neglected or ignored, or dragged behind a car or burned alive or
doused with acid.
These  nightmares
are bestowed on them by humans.
And when these dogs react to humans and social situations in a negative way based on their up-bringing, some in our human culture  believes in targeting the symptom
(the dog) and ignoring the disease itself: Irresponsible Ownership.
This IS the plight of Pit Bulls!!!

More so...  The media, in their pursuit of selling more newspapers and gaining better TV ratings, sensationalizes and reports misinformation about dog related incidents.
The majority of "Pit Bull Attack" stories do not involve one of the Pit Bull breeds at all,  but our culture feeds on shock and "awe" and wont bother with a story with the
headline "Unknown Breed Bites Baby".

To compound the issue, knee jerk reaction from local government is erratic,  typically unconstitutional, and doomed to failure as we are seeing all over the globe (ie
Miami-Dade Florida, The state of Ohio, Ontario Canada, Northern Ireland and the rest of Great Britain).
Read more about Breed Specific Legislation

If our culture insists on continuing dark-age mentality and witch hunts, let our culture be somewhat accurate in its pursuit of the guilty witch...
The Human on the Other End of the Leash!
Chained dog found - inhumane, barbaric and unpunishable
By Penny Eims
Photo courtesy of Penny Eims
Dog News Examiner

Death came as a welcome respite from a life of misery for one dog in Alabama

Truth be told, though this happened in Alabama and occurred yesterday, the location
and the date are of little relevance.

What is important is the cruel act itself.

Unfortunately, it was not a singular "act" of cruelty - it was a lifetime of cruelty inflicted
upon one dog.

The dog was discovered in Alabama with a rusty, heavy, old tow chain around his
neck. The dog, who likely never had a name, was released from his hellish existence
by those who discovered him.

Why was he euthanized, some might ask?

A lifetime of existing in a world devoid of socialization...lacking in love or attention,
had so badly damaged this dog's psyche that the only option was to let him go.

This dog's miserable past had wasted his body and destroyed his temperament. His
life had been surrounded by the most cruel form of abuse - absolute neglect and

Yet in Alabama, there is no punishment for such a crime. According to an employee
of the Birmingham-Jefferson County Animal Control:

in the state of Alabama a chained dog is considered "property".

Taking a dog off of a chain under any circumstances without law enforcement is
punishable by law as "theft of property". The dog from yesterday was left chained on
a right of way and there is no owner to charge nor a property owner to hold

The dog who drew his last breath yesterday had the capacity to experience love, joy,
hunger, pain, fear and anguish - a sentient being who, by law, is equated to nothing
more than a mindless object.

Though this dog was born with the same joyful zest for life that all puppies possess,
he was never provided with the opportunity to actually live. Instead, he was forced to
exist in misery.

Tragically, no one will pay for the nightmare which defined his life, and his death.

Rest in Peace to this dog - name unknown.

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Fostering and Encouraging Aggression
A few of fun facts about weight pulling:
-No legitimate, moral and ethical Veterinary Doctor, Professional
Animal Behaviorist or Dog Trainer endorses weight pulling as a
healthy form of exercise for dogs

- Pulling 5000+ pounds is not a natural act or behavior for Pit Bulls
or most of any of the other domestic breeds.

- Like a professional athlete, Pit Bulls must be trained a certain
degree of aggression or drive to compete and win in their sport.
According to Professional Behaviorists, Dogs typically reach the
mentality and learning ability of a six year old human child.
In theory, those who train their dogs for weight pulling are putting
possible aggression in the hands of a six year old child.

-"I don't abuse my dog with weight pulling... She loves doing it." The
owner of the dog who made this statement failed to acknowledge
that Pit Bulls were originally bred for their strong sense of loyalty...
So the dog will do WHAT EVER his owner asks of him. The
attraction for the dog is the praise and positive affirmation by
winning. If given the choice, the dog would most likely choose
chasing a ball or swimming in a lake or sleeping on a couch over
pulling 5000 + pounds.

-Notice the surroundings. For a "sanctioned event", it appears to
be lacking in vendors, banners and signage, sponsors (with
signage), or even a crowd of spectators.
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The Failure of the American Media Establishment
Though an hour long video, this presentation demonstrates why the
media reports half truths and misinformation about Pit Bulls.

DISCLAIMER: This documentary was produced by Bill and Karin
Schwanbeck, professors of journalism at Quinnipiac University.

The following commentary is for entertainment purposes only. The
views and opinions expressed herein are those of the individual
speakers, and do not represent the views and opinions of
Quinnipiac University and any of its affiliates.

Journalism is losing experienced reporters at a record rate. This
means less in-depth and investigative reporting that help keep you

This documentary introduces you to some seasoned reporters who
were at the top of their game. They share their frustrations and
challenges as they move on with their lives.