Dog Training and Rehabilitation Testimony
Dog Training and Rehabilitation Testimony
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The Most Comprehensive Dog Training In Denver, Colorado - Dog Training by Team Pit-a-Full. Pit
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The Best Dog Training in Denver, CO and The Denver Metro Area, Team Pit-a-Full Dog Training includes confidence building, tolerance training, basic obedience,
addressing aggression issues, socialization, raising puppies, responsible dog ownership, proper diet and clean water, exercise, and public etiquette for your dog.

The Team Pit-a-Full Dog Training theory is simple: Yes or No, Right or Wrong, Good or Bad. Dogs, though an intelligent being, are a simple animal. Everything about
dogs is based on experience. Present a positive result to a positive behavior, dogs continue that behavior. Present a negative result to a negative behavior, dogs
avoid that behavior in the future.

Team Pit-a-Full Dog Training is based on Responsible Dog Ownership and good leadership for dogs. Provide a dog with a healthy, safe, and structured home; your
dog will provide you with years of loyalty, trust, companionship, sense of family and community, and devotion.
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"David was referred to us by our dog day care counselor.  We already had 3 Boxers and ended
up adopting a Pit Bull that was abandoned in our area.  Our new Pit Bull had some behavior
issues and did not get along with our other dogs (Bad Fights).  David came out and worked with
all of our dogs as he identified many issues within our existing dogs along with our newest pit
bull member.  He worked with the dogs individually at first and then worked with them as a pack
and the dogs began to bond together.  At this moment in time our dogs all sleep together, play
together and act as one pack.  In the beginning we would have bet any amount of money that
this would have NEVER HAPPENED!  Needless to say, we were wrong and David was 100%
right.  Many people would have euthanized this Pit Bull, but now he is a GREAT DOG and a loving
part of our family.

Thanks again David, you have worked a miracle!"

Bryan & Lisanne

"Leaders of our Pack"
Hi!  David,

Hope all of you are well...I just wanted to inform you that we had to euthanize Alex on the 8th
of this month.

She was 14 yrs old, and I had her for 8 years....we're going to disperse her ashes along with
Piper's where we lived in R.C., where they were able to walk off leash and chase rabbits, or
else the place we all went up in the mountains to the waterfall.

And I can't thank you enough for what you did for practically gave her a whole new
life, dealing with her aggression issues.  I swear, every time I'd take her out for a walk, she
would stop at the bike trail and look for Team Pit-a-Full!  

I know this because there is a guy that lives in the apartments across from the trail, and he has
3 pits.  He walks them together, just like you do....very well mannered and obedient.  The first
time we saw them, from a distance, Alex perked up and had to walk towards them!

Give Daze a lick and a hug from me and Alex, and hugs to Kane, Forrest, and the rest of the


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
Sometimes a person just needs help. A situation presents itself that is beyond their level of knowledge,
skills, and resources. In February of 2012 I was thrown into one of these situations and the outcome
would have been heart breaking and devastating had it not been for David Edelstein of “Team Pit-a-Full”.

On January 24th, 2012 my wife and I adopted an approximately 1 year old/70 lbs. Staffordshire Terrier
named Champ from a Pit Bull rescue in Wyoming. Champ came to us with a lot of baggage due to
mistreatment by those who kept him the first months of his life, isolation in a kenneling facility for
months, inadequate socialization, and aggressive play by humans. I have either been around or raised
Staffordshire and Pit Bull Terriers most of my life and felt that I had a good knowledge of the breed and
the handling and training of them, as such I believed that the adoption and raising of Champ despite his
problems would be similar to my past experiences. I couldn’t have been more inaccurate!

Immediately it was evident that Champ had many issues that needed to be corrected. Jumping at you,
extremely rough grabbing of your hands, excitability, and aggression toward people and other dogs
outside of our family… not a big deal… I had trained other terriers… I could train Champ also. I couldn’t
have been more inaccurate!

On February 7th, 2012 while I was at work my wife was attacked by Champ; inflicting 24 bite wounds
and lacerations. I immediately turned Champ over to animal control to be quarantined and then
euthanized. Our adoption of, and life with Champ was terminated after only 2 weeks.

Two days after the attack my wife began visiting Champ daily at the animal control facility. In my 26
years of knowing her I have maybe seen her cry a handful of times; she was crying daily knowing that
Champ would be killed in a few days. She had developed a deep bond with Champ that the attack could
not diminish.

She began calling hundreds of dog shelters, rescues, rehabilitation centers, and sanctuaries all around
the United States trying to find someone who would take Champ. No one wanted anything to do with a
dog that had attacked his owner. One phone call to a trainer in Oregon and another to a rescue in
Wyoming brought up the name David Edelstein, a dog trainer in Arvada, Colorado. As a last ditch effort
to comfort my wife I called David and told him of my dilemma. I had a large and powerful dog that had
viciously attacked my wife, I have 2 children in the home, and my wife is being torn apart thinking that
this dog she has such a bond with is going to be killed in less than a week.

David began consulting with me over what history I knew of Champ, what actions and behaviors I had
seen from him while in my possession, and many other specifics particular to determining if Champ was
able to be rehabilitated. David and I determined that Champ could be brought back to our home under
tight security and rehabilitation by David. David consulted with animal control over the rehabilitation of
Champ and they agreed to release him to me with the stipulation that I follow David’s protocol and
various other confinement and control measures.

A series of events kept David from being able to come to Wyoming and from me being able to go to
Colorado. Oh no… what am I going to do now? What followed were hours of emails, phone calls, texts,
and photos and videos being sent back and forth between David and I. David figured out that Champ’s
attack on my wife and the other issues I mentioned above were a result of aggression toward my other
dogs and the simple fact that Champ had never been given any boundaries as a puppy. Through David’s
long distance advising of me on how to train Champ I was able to turn Champ around 180 degrees and
let him become one of the best dogs I have ever owned.

If it hadn’t been for David’s dog training expertise Champ would have been killed, my wife would have
been torn apart thinking that she somehow was responsible for the attack and the death of Champ, and I
would have failed twice; first, letting an animal into our home that subsequently injured my family and
secondly, having that animal mistakenly euthanized thinking that he was a vicious animal that was a
danger to all.

Thank you David for your unparalleled dedication to this breed and for your vast knowledge of dog
training which you shared with me.



I wanted to let you know that Jenny is really responding well to her training.  I unfortunately
was put in a removable cast last week due to a stress fracture in my foot . . . we still get out
though.  It has been a good way for the rest of the family to get involved but also for Jenny to
adapt to something different.  She was not sure about my clomping foot next to her at first
when we went walking.  She has quickly become very obedient whether it is due to the
ongoing training or the clomping foot . . . but she is doing remarkably well.  We had visitors this
weekend and while she attempted to act ferocious to one guy who was wearing a hat walking
down the drive, he was great and told her to just knock it off in a assertive voice and I quickly
used my "mom" voice as well and she ran right back to me.  She was fine after that.  I think
part of what has happened too, is that you helped to encourage me to put her in more
"situations" that I may have avoided previously and she is seeming much more confident.  I go
out of my way now to drop the big trash can lid closed when she is beside me and such in
order for her to get over some of that skiddish reaction.  I think we are on track!

Golden, CO
Hello David...
Happy Holidays!  Good news, Chinz is doing great!  He just graduated his intermediate dog
training!  We have been able to let him loose in the back yard without him jumping the fence
for a bit now!  You saved us and Chinz!  We love him so much and he is doing so well because
you helped educate us on how to work with him!
We all know the holidays are a time to be grateful for our blessings, and you were truly a
blessing at our most difficult time with Chinz!  We are very grateful to you for your

Thank you so much!

Madelon, Jim, & Chinz
Highlands Ranch, CO
Jenny is doing remarkably well.  I continue to communicate with her more (both verbal and
non-verbal) and we have a good groove.  She finally loose leash walks
with us (communication is the key there I have discovered).  She has absolutely no problems
with any situation outside our home -- she loves all people and dogs that we meet
when we are out and about.  We have increased the opportunities that she has to practice
listening to not just me, but my girls too when someone comes to the door and she is doing
well with not putting on such a show.  We have had several gatherings with quite a few people
over to the house and my girls have friends over frequently -
and she has no problems at all.  She doesn't mind my mother-in-law coming over one bit now
and I am pleased to report that my mother-in-law now stops by weekly.  
She seems to have really relaxed a great deal in general (or perhaps I have) and even if she
chooses to bark and carry on when the FedEx guy comes, I can get her to listen
to me with vocal commands and reward her with a treat after the door is closed (she has figured
out the routine and wants the treat).  All in all, I feel so much better about things.  I am back to
getting her out for exercise and neighborhood challenges (my foot is finally healed).  She loves it
and is increasingly more confident with each tour.  Our trust of one another is there, she has a
routine in our home, is part of the family, gets out to socialize a few times a week, goes to work
with me (trying to give her some jobs - she now has a fire department vest with her CGC patch)
and seems to be thriving.

Thanks for checking in on us and for updating me on your pack!

Golden, CO
While we celebrate a 95% success rate with
our training clients, individual results may vary.

Success depends on the commitment and
participation of the client to work with their
dog, creating consistency in the home, and
completing (and continued practice of)
homework assignments given.

Like everything worthwhile in life...
"The more you put into the program the more
you will take from it!!!"
Hi David,

I wanted to give you a quick update about how well our "pack" is doing with our newest family
member Happy.

Your advice about separating the feed stations a little further and standing between them until
they are both finished and have gone and laid down has been working REALLY well -Happy
has eaten every meal since!  He is clearly "absorbing" his food better now (poops are small
and solid and only 3x/day instead of 6 :)
We all slept almost 7hrs last night since he doesn't have to go out as often and is clearly able
to relax more now.

With Brian and I continuing our leadership, Happy and Luck are getting on really well inside the
house and in the yard playing and running together.   I know you said the honeymoon period
will not be over for several weeks and so we are not by any means taking any of this for
granted.  We will continue now (and always) to keep this dynamic so we can all live a happy,
fun and stress free life together.

So thank you so much for the time you spent talking with me on the phone last week.  I truly
appreciate your wisdom and experience and feel fortunate that we have you a as a resource.  
And of course I will continue to keep you posted!

Kathleen, Brian, Luck & Happy
Boulder, CO
Hi David!

I know it’s been about a year since we wrapped up training for Fenrir and Loki, but I just
wanted to send you a little update, because without you, we never would have gotten to where
we did this past weekend!

Fenrir was able attend a group walk with about 10 other bull terriers with only minimal
controlled outbursts and about the same amount of “talking” as the rest of the group. He even
sat still for pictures and was a (near) perfect little angel for meet and greets!! We never would
have thought this was possible before your training.

Thank you!!!!!

Mary (& McRae & Fenrir & Loki)
Denver, CO